Sedation Dentistry in Rock Hill, Fort Mill SC

It’s estimated that 10% of Americans avoid going to the dentist due to traumatic past experiences or staying still for long period of time. It is no secret that some patient have dental anxiety and need that extra care. Whether it’s a dental emergency or a bothering tooth ache or a complete smile makeover, we understand patient’s anxiety going to a Dentist’s office. We offer Sedation Dentistry to make your visit pleasant, pain-free as possible.

At Riverwalk Smile Dentistry in Riverwalk Carolinas, we offer Sedation Dentistry that allows our doctors to provide a variety of dental treatments safely to anxious patients visiting us at our Rock Hill dental office.

Sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry

To begin with, we’ve a modern dental office in Rock Hill SC, where patients can relax in the waiting area and have beverages. Patients can relax while listening to soothing music or play Xbox. Patients can relax on our Massage chairs or watch their favorite shows on LED TV while getting a Healthy and Beautiful Smile. Based on your health history and goals, Dr. Anjali Seth will propose either oral sedation or nitrous oxide (or commonly known as Laughing gas). Dr.  Seth and her highly trained staff will monitor the process under her supervision to ensure it is done safely and you get the best benefit of the medication. However, the medication is so effective, you may have no recollection of the appointment the next day. For this reason, you will need someone to accompany you during your appointment to give you a safe ride home. Normal activities can be resumed immediately as recovery is pretty quick.

Patient’s comfort is our number one priority. For more information on our Sedation Dentistry procedures, contact us at (803) 639-7676, or visit us at to book a FREE consult appointment.