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Snap on Smile

Snap-On Smiles can be customized to conceal a Variety of Cosmetic Concerns.

What is a Snap-On-Smile?

Snap on smile is a cozy, detachable dental device that helps to conceal fragile or lost teeth. The customized dental bridges in Rock Hill SC are great value for money and fit your mouth perfectly. Use snap on smile to obtain an ever dazzling smile. This detachable device is made out of super-slim, long-lasting resin. Due to being customized, our amazing dentists make sure that the snap on smile device is made as per your desired shade. Thus, it gives you an authentically pleasant smile.

Why is a Snap on Smile needed?

The snap on smile dental bridges enables you to get the radiant smile of your dreams, that too at a reasonable rate. You do not have to go through any complex dental surgeries for attaining a perfect smile. This is an easy and cheap option to go for if you are unable to afford permanent cosmetic treatments for the time being.

You may also use the unique snap on smile device during your ongoing dental treatments. For permanent medicaments, your teeth might have to be removed, or they may undergo many changes. This can make them look unappealing for that period of time when you are under ongoing treatment. Thus, you may also put on snap on smile during that time frame.

Very kind and helpful staff. I made a last minute appointment as a new patient, they made every effort to get me taken care of. Even did a procedure on me. This is my new dentist, and I live a hour away.😍

Alisha Bland

Am I good Candidate for Snap On Smile?

Our dentists in Rock Hill SC might suggest you to get your hands on this dental device if you are in search for a fast and simple solution to concealing your dental flaws. Below are the reasons why you may require snap on smile:

  • Unwanted teeth apertures
  • Misaligned or crowded teeth
  • Distorted, chipped teeth
  • Unpleasantly pigmented teeth
  • Teeth that are severely damaged
  • Lost, broken teeth

What to expect during the Snap on Smile Appointment?

After your first visit to our clinic, our caring dentists take a close look at your oral health by carrying out a thorough checkup. Afterwards, it is confirmed whether or not you really need snap on smile. If you really require this dental device, then you get to choose if you want a snap on smile for your upper or lower teeth. Our dental experts are always there with you to talk you through it and help you take the right decision.

Once the checkup and consultation periods are over, measurements of your teeth are noted down. They give you zero pain and require no use of dental equipment or machines. The recorded measurements of your teeth are then sent to the laboratory for your personalized dental bridges to be manufactured.

You visit our clinic only 2 times during this entire process. In your second and last visit, you finally get to put on your brand new snap on smile. The waiting period between the two visits is around 21 days.

After putting on your snap on smile, you are all set to steal everyone’s attention with your fresh and radiant smile!