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Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

Filling the gap of your lost tooth has never looked this aesthetic before. We at Riverwalk Smile Dentistry, make use of the latest technology for dental implants in Rock Hill SC. The base of your missing tooth has a firm titanium body. This resembles the original roots of your teeth.

After penetrating the titanium base, our dental experts wait for the completion of the osseointegration period. This is when the titanium base copes with the tissues of your gum and jawbones. Once the base is fully set, our top rated dentists in Rock Hill SC put on a natural-looking tooth on top of it to complete your smile.

While most titanium bases have the purpose of attaching crowns on them, some may even go on to uphold permanent dental bridges or complete dentures.

Why People Require Dental Implants

You might choose dental implants to fill out the gaps of your lost teeth. It is a far better option than putting on removable dentures, or restricting yourself from smiling openly, not wanting to show the unwanted gaps between your teeth.

Dental implants are a firm and permanent fix for people with a lost tooth. Smile with all your heart without the worry of displacing your detachable denture or giving away glimpses of your lost tooth. Our modern dental implants are resistant and are to accompany you forever, after fully coping with your oral tissues.

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Cynthia Schmeizier

Should You Go For Dental Implants?

Your jawbones under the area which is to be penetrated with the titanium base, needs to be strong enough to withstand the implant. Only then will your dental implants be successful. This is an essential step to place the implants as the titanium base has to cope with your gum tissues, which can take 3-6 months from the moment they are penetrated into your gum.

If your bones are infirm or if you do not have bones under the area of implant, then our dentists will recommend you to go for a bone graft first. After that is done, our dentists can place the titanium implants. Before any of the processes are undertaken, our dentists will carry out a full dental x-ray test to ensure that you are suitable for the implant.

What happens during the Dental Implant procedure?

The area of implant is anesthetized to make the treatment painless. Our expert cosmetic dentist in Rock Hill SC makes a precise, surgical cut in your gum for the placement of the titanium base. It is penetrated in the depths of your jaw bone to create a strong surface for the new teeth. Our caring dentists will clearly tell you the dos and don’ts regarding your implant. You will get a list of consumables suitable for your implant and will be warned to not eat certain foods, during the healing period.

After the 3-6 month healing period is over, our dentists will attach a fresh tooth to your firm implant. Thus, you will be done with the treatment and ready to show off your beaming smile.

If you think a dental implant is what you need the most, then contact us without a doubt. You may also book a consultation session with one of our professionals to gain accurate information regarding this cosmetic procedure.