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Nitrous Sedation

What is Nitrous Sedation?

Nitrous sedation contains the nitrous oxide gas. Also known as ‘laughing gas’, our dental professionals at Riverwalk Smile Dentistry may use this procedure on patients with dental anxiety. Dentists at Rock Hill SC make sure you breathe in the accurate amount of this substance, so that you are not left panic-stricken during the ongoing treatments. The little amounts used by our caring dentists do not cause any prolonged harm to your body.

Nitrous sedation in Rock Hill SC can help both kids and grownups to overcome the fear of dental treatment. It might be required by parents with young children who are too scared of dentists or the overall setting of the clinic. With nitrous sedation, you can receive dental treatments in a calm and relaxed manner.

Nitrous Sedation Uses

Upon inhaling nitrous oxide, you alleviate your anxiety and calm yourself down. This helps you to get a tension-free, dental treatment. Nitrous sedation may also be used on people who cannot sit still during their ongoing dental procedures. While our dentists are using sharp machines on your tooth, it is important for you to sit still. Or else, you are most likely to hurt yourself.

When you receive nitrous sedation, you do still have your senses, but you sit back in a more relaxed manner forgetting all your fears. Dental anxiety can be a prime reason why people neglect their dental problems. Let go of your worries by undergoing the nitrous sedation procedure. It is a secured method and is done swiftly in our clinic before treatment. You may ask our amazing dentists unhesitatingly for a nitrous sedation if dental treatments scare you.

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Who Is This Procedure For?

Nitrous sedation is the perfect way to calm you during ongoing dental treatments. Different patients require different doses of this substance. Therefore, you get your personalized amount of nitrous sedation to get rid of your dental anxiety. Below are some reasons as to why you might even have it in the first place:

  • Needles scare you
  • You cannot sit still while receiving treatment, or in general
  • Your past dental treatments were unpleasant and have left you scared to the core
  • Local anesthesia is not a suitable or a desired option for you

Nitrous sedation is a safe option for most of the patients. But our dentists will not recommend it to you if you fall under any of the categories listed below:

  • Pregnant
  • Have sinus problems
  • If you are under specific medications
  • If you have problems with breathing or other respiratory infections

You should discuss your previous health records and surgeries with our dentists in order to receive nitrous sedation. This ensures your safety and wellbeing.

What Nitrous Sedation Feels Like

Once you sit back and relax on our dental chair, our dentists will carefully place a nose covering around your nose. It is attached to a tube through which the nitrous oxide gas will pass on to your nose. When your anxiety starts to alleviate, and you are mildly sedated, our dentists will carry on with the treatment. Your dental problems will be fixed in no time, without you being scared of the procedure.

To know more about sedation dentistry, please contact us as per your convenience. We will be beyond happy to assist you.