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What Are Sealants?

Dental Sealants are very fine plastic coating painted on the teeth, usually on the back to avoid tooth decay. Sealants instantly fix into the grooves of the teeth to build a safeguarding shield over the enamel of the tooth. Sealants would last until ten years but would require regular checkups to see whether the chip is intact or not. The sealants can be repaired by adding more sealant material to the teeth. Sealants seal the dental decay and add longer life to the teeth. It is an efficient way to keep your dental health in a proper condition. Even after taking proper care of teeth by brushing and flossing regularly, oral health can deteriorate gradually. Sealants can take real good care of your oral health.

Why Are Sealants Needed?

Dental Sealants act as a shelter to the teeth. These protective coatings are very important for oral health. It is a hidden concealed layer that prevents the formation of cavities. Sealants avert the need for a root canal or a filling. Children often need sealants to protect their teeth during the most susceptible years of tooth decay. Sealants can be considered to be raincoats for our teeth. When the leftover food particles and bacteria responsible for cavities meet they turn out to produce acids that build holes in teeth, called cavities. Sealants applied to teeth would keep away the bacteria and block them from setting on your teeth.

New patient appointment for my first time in 8 years due to no dental insurance… I was nervous about what they might find but they did a great job putting me at ease. Very friendly staff and compassionate care team. My hygienist Tessa did a great job explaining everything and made it a great experience.

Dustin Cole

What Makes You A Good Candidate For Sealants?

Generally, you should get your children sealants on teeth as soon as their teeth formation starts. This would save their teeth during the cavity vulnerable years. They can help in putting a stop to tooth decay. They can be applied as soon as the permanent molars originate. Teenagers and young adults who do not have tooth decay are also good candidates for sealants. The last word to use sealants would be definitely of the dentist who would decide whether it is required or not.

What Can Be Expected During The Sealant Process?

It is a very fast and pain-free process. Your dentist at Rock Hill sc will clean and dry your teeth before putting an acidic gel on your teeth. This gel forms a bond with your teeth. After a few seconds, the dentist will rinse off the gel and dry your teeth again. Now the dentist will apply the sealant to the grooves of your teeth and then finally harden the sealant. After finishing the procedure, you are free to eat, drink, and do what you feel to do. A little time would be taken to feel normal and the odd feel would go away eventually.

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