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Tooth Fillings

What is Tooth Fillings?

Dental or tooth filling is a composite substance that helps to conceal the cavity affected area of your tooth. The composite fillings match the shade of your original teeth, unlike the old metal fillings that people generally know of. You will not be able to differentiate the composite substance of the tooth filling from your actual teeth, as it entirely blends itself into your radiant smile.

With tooth fillings in Rock Hill SC, you will not have to worry a bit about adding a flaw to your smile. Our amazing dentists in Rock Hill SC use composite substances which have zero metal in them. Thus, leave behind your tension of having slight displays of metal while smiling. Tooth fillings do not take much time at all and are done very casually in our clinic. By getting a dental filling in Riverwalk Smile Dentistry, you are sure to go home with a beaming smile and a happy heart.

Tooth Filling Requirements

Whether or not you need to have a tooth filling might be decided after our dental experts carry out your full dental checkup. They might also use x-rays to point out hidden cavities in your teeth. Upon finding tooth decay, our dentists will help you get the most recommended composite filling. Not only do these composite fillings look original, but they are also long-lasting. That is why they are admired by everyone.

You might opt for tooth fillings if you wish to let go of your old, metallic fillings. Or, you may simply need one for having a painful cavity, which is starting to make a hole inside your tooth. Such dental problems are not to be neglected. They might slowly but entirely damage your teeth and spread inside your mouth.

I had a great experience here. The doctor was super knowledgeable and staff was amazing, they knew what my insurance would cover and helped me plan my treatment accordingly.

Andrew Walsh

Do You Need A Tooth Filling?

Prior to giving you a composite tooth filling, the Rock Hill dentists go for a full dental checkup. They might also recommend you to do an oral x-ray test to identify even the smallest of cavities hiding deep inside your mouth. They may be hard to notice with bare eyes.

After doing the checkup and looking at your x-ray reports, if any cavity is discovered, then our dentists will suggest you to get a dental filling. It is a secured option because it requires a minimal amount of local anesthesia. It is a swift, in-clinic treatment.

What Undergoing Tooth Fillings Feel Like

Before implementing a tooth filling, the area around your affected tooth is anesthetized. Our caring doctors do this to give you a painless treatment.

Afterwards, the cavity portion of is separated from your teeth, resulting in a gap. The gap is then covered with the unique bonding substance, on top of which the composite resin is poured and evened out carefully by our dental professionals, with certain equipments.

After the composite resin sits nicely on your tooth, our dentists look for any pointy edges that can be further fixed. After all this is done, a curing light is flashed over the treated area to help the substance sit firmly on your tooth. The last stage of this treatment consists of adding final touches, like shining your tooth.

You are advised to visit dental clinics once in a while to ensure proper dental health. If cavities are neglected, then they might cause severe damage in the long haul which might then need to be treated via root canals. To know more about tooth fillings, book your consultation session with us right now.