Tooth infections can show up anytime, without prior notice. They may cause severe pain or oral problems, which need to be treated urgently. For fighting certain dental issues and providing you with ultimate levels of comfort, our emergency dentists in Rock Hill SC are always ready for action.

We at Riverwalk Smile Dentistry have the top rated dentists in Rock Hill SC to solve all your dental problems. But this might not leave you fully satisfied and free of tension. The global Corona crisis is quite alarming and might have instilled fear in your hearts, like millions of others. You might not want to step out from your house amid this pandemic, be it at the cost of your dental health. You might try out home remedies like going for a salt plus warm water rinse or biting into cloves and garlic. They might give you temporary pain relief, but dental cavities are best treated in the clinic.

Dental Problems Requiring Immediate Treatment

Minor toothaches and gum bleedings can be aptly treated at home. But most dental problems require professionals to cure. Visit us if you have:

  • Cavities which need a composite tooth filling
  • Pending root canals
  • Swollen, infected gums causing severe pain
  • Pending surgical implants that have been half completed

Is Visiting Our Clinic Safe?

Our caring team of staff and doctors fully understand your concern regarding this infectious pandemic. That is why we at Riverwalk Smile Dentistry have taken up every form of precautionary measures to ensure your safe dental treatment.

This is how we make sure our patients are in a 100% germ-free environment while undergoing their dental treatments:

  • Health Assessment – Before booking an appointment with us, our staff members make sure that the prospective patient is not infected by any means. Extra questions may be put forward to ensure that it is safe for us to allow the patient into our premises. Upon showing the slightest of symptoms of Covid-19, we recommend our prospective or regular patients to stay at home and reach out to us once they fully recover.
  • Steady Scheduling – Before our patients make their way to Riverwalk Smile Dentistry, we make sure that our premises are thoroughly disinfected. We abide by the CDC and ADA regulatory measures. This may slightly delay your appointment bookings, solely for your protection.
  • Going Digital – We have abandoned every piece of paper and manual practices for appointment bookings and payment. They are done electronically, making sure our patients and staff do not have to touch anything, ultimately lessening the spread of Coronavirus.
  • Safety Wear – N95 masks, protective helmets and goggles, and hand gloves are worn by us throughout our duty hours. Our clinic is also safely segmented by the use of plexiglass.
  • Temperature Checks – As soon as our patients and staff enter our premises, they go through a thorough temperature check. The equipments used are all electrical, which give out accurate results.

Our family dentistry in Rock Hill SC is renowned for serving patients diligently and with great care. Visit us and get your dental treatments done at the peace of your mind.