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What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a breakthrough in cosmetic dentistry. It is an orthodontic option that uses clear aligner trays to apply pressure to uneven, crooked, and or misaligned teeth. This is a simple procedure and less time consuming as compared to traditional braces. The aligners or Invisalign are clear transparent plastic trays and are a metal-free, no wiring option. They are almost invisible when been worn, so it is a much-preferred option as compared to traditional metal braces. The best part about these aligner trays is that they can fully be removed to clean teeth properly.

Why do you need Invisalign?

Invisalign is a great option for patients who have crooked, misaligned, or crammed full teeth structure. These transparent very thin trays need to be worn for no less than 22 hours in a day, for the aligners to help apply pressure and push teeth into a more structurally aligned and visually appealing way. Invisalign can also help in the treatment for malocclusion. It is also ideal for teens and adults who need to get their teeth structured better but, at the same time, maintain a more fashionable or professional appearance. The duration of the treatment varies depending on the gravity of the orthodontic problem. You have your own expert cosmetic dentists in Riverwalk to help you fix your charming smile, book an appointment today.

My appointment was first thing in the morning, and the team had me out of there in less than 45 minutes. Efficient and painless. Thank you all!

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What makes you a good candidate for Invisalign?

We at Riverwalk Dentistry recommend Invisalign to teens and adults who can understand and adhere to the need of wearing the trays for 22 hours in a day. Patients who are unhappy and or uncomfortable with the structure and or functionality of the teeth due to problems like crowded teeth or malocclusion can avail the Invisalign treatment. This is a simple process which can be taken advantage of for most patients; however, we recommend a full examination with a consultation to make sure that Invisalign is the best suitable and most effective treatment.

What happens during the procedure for Invisalign?

It is a simple process wherein we start with a comprehensive examination and x-rays, based on which there is a detailed consultation that is provided to educate the patient. A customized orthodontic treatment plan is designed to match the impression of your teeth and smile. Our laboratory experts meticulously will then fabricate Invisalign trays based on the digital impressions taken. It is imperative that the trays be worn for 22 hours in a day for them to effectively apply pressure and align the teeth to help achieve a better structure. It is advised that the trays are removed routinely during brushing and flossing. New trays will be designed and provided to you in stipulated time intervals as the treatment progresses. If you are considering the Invisalign treatment let your own family dentistry, the Riverwalk Smile Dentistry SC take care of you. Book an appointment, or please come visit us.

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