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Dental Bridge

What is Dental bridges?

Permanent dental bridges have the sole purpose of covering your lost teeth. If you have big gaps between two teeth, then these bridges can be placed there to fill out the unwanted aperture. Dental bridges in Rock Hill SC sit on the surface of your gum. They are extremely durable and mimic your original teeth.

Putting on dental bridges is an apt option for people who are not a good candidate for surgical implants. This swift and beneficial cosmetic procedure can be completed within just two visits to our clinic.

Why Dental Bridges Are Important

The cosmetic dentists in Rock Hill SC will suggest you to get dental bridges if you have lost one or more of your original teeth for some reason. The bridges are set on your gums with the finest, long-lasting oral cement. Besides enhancing your smile, these dental bridges also help your oral mechanisms to be carried out seamlessly.

Dental bridges can be put in any gaps between your teeth. The false tooth is attached with two caps for the surrounding teeth. They are custom-made to fit perfectly in your mouth.

Great experience! Everyone was super nice and they took care of the problem and I walked out of there feeling so much better.

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What makes you a good candidate for dental bridges?

Dental bridges might be the right option to go for if you are unable to do permanent oral implants or surgeries. You may put them on even if you are not financially viable for cosmetic surgeries for the time being.

Dental bridges are durable and may last for numerous years, until and unless your dentist thinks of changing into a new set. To know whether or not you should opt for dental bridges, you can always reach out to us. Pick up your phone and book an appointment with Riverwalk Smile Dentistry. We will be beyond happy to guide you through the entire procedure.

What can you expect with a bridge appointment?

Prior to starting the process, our caring dentists anesthetize the area of operation. This is done to ensure you feel absolutely no pain when the cosmetic procedure is being undertaken. Afterwards, the two teeth surrounding the gap are smoothly filed, so that the caps of the dental bridge nicely fit them. Up next, measurements of the teeth and the gap are noted down and sent to the laboratory, where your customized bridges are manufactured.

This entire cosmetic procedure requires two visits to the clinic. Upon your second arrival, our highly experienced cosmetic dentist in Rock Hill SC puts on your dental bridge. At first, it might take some time for you to cope with it. But you quickly get used to it. Our skilled dentists provide you with the necessary tips to maintain good condition of your dental bridge.

If you are eager to gain more information on dental bridges, then do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Our team will be ever delighted to provide you with all the information related to this dental treatment.

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