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Dental Crowns

What are Ceramic and Porcelain Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns or caps are used for the perfect reformation of your teeth. If you have damaged, stained, or unpleasantly chipped teeth, then putting dental crowns on should be a necessity for you. They do not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your smile but are also needed for your teeth to work properly and fulfill its purpose.

Dental crowns in Rock Hill SC contains a 100% porcelain or ceramic body. As they are customized to fit comfortably in your mouth, you get to choose the material of its base. You may either go for the porcelain, ceramic, or an amalgamation of both for your dental crown, with a firm metallic foundation.

The material that is to be used for your dental crown can be chosen once our expert dentists get to know in which part of the mouth it is going to sit. The dentists in Rock Hill SC will then recommend the best material for your dental crown to aptly suit your mouth. This dental treatment does not take long and can be effortlessly completed in our clinic.

Why You Should Put On Dental Crowns

Dental crowns must be put on by you if you are looking to reform your misaligned, damaged teeth. The sole purpose of dental crowns is to bring back the authentic appearance of your broken or distorted teeth. These crowns ensure a snug fit and look great.

Here is why you might opt for dental crowns:

  • If your tooth had previously undergone a root canal
  • If you have a severely distorted tooth
  • Your tooth has become fragile due to having a major dental filling
  • You are planning to go for a cosmetic procedure for your damaged tooth
  • If the area around your dental crown has been exposed to the cavity

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Is Dental Crown Right For You?

Our dental professionals carry out a complete oral checkup to decide if you are eligible to put on dental crowns. They might also ask you to go for a dental x-ray test. Our amazing dentists can also put on brand new dental crowns by carefully taking out your old, wearied ones.

These personalized dental caps mimic your original tooth and feel cozy and very natural. This dental treatment requires mild, generic anesthesia, which is a secured option for most people.

What happens during the Crown procedure?

After injecting the local anesthesia to your gum for a pain-free experience, our dental professionals start to buff and file down your damaged tooth. This is done to make the crown sit firmly on it. Afterwards, measurements of your tooth are taken for the placement of the dental crown. You leave our clinic the first day by wearing a substitute crown.

Upon your second arrival to our clinic, we put on your permanent dental crown. Our skilled dentists might add little finishing touches to your brand new crown. They may smooth out any pointy edges or give it a fine shine. Once that is done, you are all set to flaunt your dazzling smile to the rest of the world. Our dentists will also give away tips to look after your crown, for ensuring its longevity.

To obtain more information on putting dental crowns, immediately contact Riverwalk Smile Dentistry. Our hardworking team is eager to answer all your queries.