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Dentures and Partials

What exactly are Dentures?

The removable prosthetic dental devices, also known as partials and dentures in Rock Hill SC, have been created for people with lost teeth. They are useful for filling out the no-teeth areas of your mouth, giving you a beautiful smile. These dentures are custom-made to give you a snug fit. If you look after them in the right manner, then they can unquestionably accompany you for the long haul.

Why You Might Require Dentures and Partials

Dentures and partials are required by people who have lost most or all of their teeth. If you have little areas of lost teeth, then you might choose the partials. But if you have lost many or have absolutely zero teeth, then our complete dentures will be the right choice for you. Without having all your teeth, it gets tough for you to consume your favorite delicacies. It is really sad to not be able to bite into that juicy, gourmet steak lying before you in the dinner table. The absence of teeth in your mouth may even force your cheeks to travel inwards, the hollow, toothless space. This might make you appear older than your genuine age.

Dentures and partials are dental devices designed to give you the ultimate level of comfort. They are durable, with the capability to withstand strong bites and chews. These dentures are detachable, but there are some which are attached to a firm, gum implanted base, and are comparatively stronger. By wearing them, you would never have to compromise on your smile.

New patient appointment for my first time in 8 years due to no dental insurance… I was nervous about what they might find but they did a great job putting me at ease. Very friendly staff and compassionate care team. My hygienist Tessa did a great job explaining everything and made it a great experience.

Dustin Cole

Should You Opt For Dentures and Partials?

Dentures and partials can be an apt pick for you if you have many lost teeth in your mouth. This prosthetic dental device has a firm and cozy grip over your gums. You might have them on throughout the day and open them before bed. Cleaning the dentures regularly and nicely looking after them can ensure their longevity. They may accompany you for decades.

The dentures and partials highly resemble your original teeth. Our cosmetic dentists in Rock Hill SC make sure your dentures look natural and help to enhance your smile a great deal.

What should you expect when having Dentures made?

Before our dentists in Rock Hill SC put on your dentures, they thoroughly examine your gum and the teeth around the gap you want to fill up. Measurements are jotted down to make sure the dentures resemble your genuine gum and teeth. These recordings are then redirected to our trusted dental laboratory, where your dentures & partials are to be manufactured.

You may need to show up in our clinic a couple of times, during this cosmetic procedure. Once your fresh prosthetics arrive, our dental experts carefully place them in your mouth. It is common for the dentures and partials to require some finishing touches by our dentists. They may even out or shine the surface of it to ensure a snug and firm fit.

These dentures may last for years. However, if there is a drastic change in your body weight, our dentists will recommend you to get a new set. It is important for you to curate your dentures by cleansing and dipping them in a fresh glass of water every night. This may help to increase their longevity and enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Contact Riverwalk Smile Dentistry right now if you are planning to get rid of your old dentures, or thinking of getting brand new ones. Our amazing team is always ready to answer your queries.