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Root Canals

What is Root Canal?

Tooth pulps include blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. Root canals in Rock Hill SC are done when your tooth pulps come in contact with harmful bacteria. The tooth pulp sits in the middle of your tooth, which needs to be removed via the root canal if it gets infected. Infected tooth pulps also lead to severe tooth aches.

Our dentists in Rock Hill SC can fix your infected tooth instead of getting rid of it once and for all. It saves you from undergoing a tooth extraction treatment and also saves your tooth from getting completely damaged.

Reasons Why You Should Get Root Canals

Root canals are for people whose cavities have deepened and come in contact with the roots and nerves of their teeth. The advancement of cavities is only possible when you neglect it in the initial stage. When they reach your tooth pulp, a root canal becomes necessary. Root canals may also be needed for chipped, broken, or fractured teeth. When the tooth breaks, it creates an opening for bacteria to easily reach the tooth pulp. Thus, the infected tooth may cause extreme pain and irritation.

Whatever the reason is, root canals are the best solution. If your tooth pulps remain infected for too long, they may eventually die, resulting in the death of your tooth. That is because tooth pulps fight all sorts of bacteria which attack your tooth. Prolonged infection in the pulp may reduce its ability to function properly. Once it is fully damaged, blood supply to your tooth may be cut off. Thus, you may be left with a damaged tooth which will have to be extracted. With root canals, get back your healthy tooth without detaching it from your gum with this dental procedure.

I had a wonderful experience at this location. The staff is friendly and efficient. They make honest recommendations and do not try to up-sell products and services like other dentists do. I felt valued as a customer. If you are looking for an enjoyable trip to the dentist, look no further! I highly recommend Riverwalk Smile Dentistry.


Should You Opt For A Root Canal?

To know whether or not you need a root canal, our dental professionals will do a thorough dental checkup. This process also involves oral x-rays. This in-depth oral examination will help our dentists figure out the state of your tooth pulp. If they notice an infected pulp, then you will be recommended to undergo a root canal.

Root canals are done on both grownups and kids. It does not change the overall structure of your infected tooth and helps it to get rid of the harmful cavity. Root canals are a casual cosmetic procedure, which are done in our clinic. Retain your flawless smile with teeth that are healthy from within.

What Happens During Root Canals?

At first, the area of operation is anesthetized. Our caring dentists then take out the infected pulp from the depths of your tooth by using apt dental equipments. After getting rid of the infected pulp, your tooth is thoroughly cleansed and the gap is covered with an effective chemical substance. This medicine ensures the proper functionality of your tooth and frees it from all sorts of bacteria.

Strengthen your tooth by having clean and healthy tooth pulps. If you wish to know more about root canals, contact Riverwalk Smile Dentistry as per your convenience. Our helpful team is eager to tell you everything regarding this dental treatment.