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TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment

TMJ is the abbreviated form of temporomandibular joint. This joint forms a linkage from your skull to the bottom jaw. With the passage of time and natural aging, your temporomandibular joint might start facing certain complicacies. These may stem from the food you eat and the way you lead your life. Problems regarding your temporomandibular joint may also be a side effect of your current or previous medication. Clenching and gnashing of your teeth may too, lead to TMJ problems.

Our dentists in Rock Hill SC are all set to solve your TMJ related issues. Free yourself from the pain your temporomandibular joint may cause you, due to it being swollen or distorted in some way.

Why TMJ Treatment Is Required

If not treated in the initial stage, TMJ problems can advance and cause severe pain and discomfort. Seeking medical help quickly can ease the temporomandibular joint, reducing the irritation and swelling. If TMJ disorders are ignored, then the pain may spread from one part to another. The pain may become more intense as days pass by. At worst, untreated TMJ problems can lead to debilitating jaw or neck pain and malnutrition, as you will have great difficulties while eating. That is because you are likely to face extreme discomfort in opening and closing your mouth.

With a TMJ treatment, move your mouth freely without hurting your jaws or joints. This procedure is highly effective as it improves your dental health. This profound treatment ensures your comfort and wellbeing.

New patient appointment for my first time in 8 years due to no dental insurance… I was nervous about what they might find but they did a great job putting me at ease. Very friendly staff and compassionate care team. My hygienist Tessa did a great job explaining everything and made it a great experience.

Dustin Cole

Do You Require TMJ Treatment?

Before going for the TMJ treatment, our top rated dentists will do a full checkup. This will include taking a close look at your jawbones and joints to understand whether or not they are in their proper state. Our dental professionals will also check if your bones make a cracking sound due to the movement of your mouth.

To come to a correct conclusion, you may have to undergo x-ray tests. After assessing everything carefully, our dentists will decide if you should opt for the TMJ treatment. There are several approaches that can be taken to solve your TMJ issues. Our dentists will form an overall medication routine for you to follow, and also discuss the treatment method that is most convenient for you.

How TMJ Treatment Works

This procedure may vary from person to person. Different kinds of pains have different solutions. If you reach out to us at the initial stage of your TMJ problems, then our amazing dentists can cure it via relaxing therapies and medications. However, advanced TMJ issues will require needles and surgeries.

Before starting your treatment, our dentists will do a full examination of your dental and TMJ health. If any complications are noticed, then you might have to undergo one or more of the treatments mentioned below:

  • Hot/Cold Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pain Relief Medications
  • Injections
  • Surgeries

If you think you should undergo the TMJ treatment, then contact Riverwalk Smile Dentistry right now. Book your appointment with one of our professionals to help you solve your TMJ problems. As mentioned before, it is best to cure it as soon as possible, or else the pain it causes becomes too hard to endure.