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Tooth Extractions/Bone Preservation

Tooth Extractions/Bone Preservation

Tooth extractions refer to pulling out a complete tooth from your mouth. This is done when your tooth is severely damaged, which might affect your overall oral health. The infection can spread to your other teeth, which is why a dental extraction becomes compulsory. Dental extractions are also done to pull out an infirm tooth. The loose teeth may cause irritation and pain in the gums. Thus, getting rid of such teeth can be done via this dental treatment.

Moreover, tooth extractions can also be performed on a problematic tooth. When an old tooth becomes a barrier for the formation of a new tooth, it needs to be extracted. If not, then it can cause you to have double teeth, adding a flaw to your smile. Wisdom tooth may also need to be removed if they erupt from the wrong direction, or cause your teeth to become too crowded.

At Riverwalk Smile Dentistry, our top rated dentists make sure all sorts of extractions are done in a painless manner. Our caring dentists prioritize your comfort and convenience. We also perform bone preservation on our patients to ensure successful, upcoming dental implants.

Tooth Extraction Requirements

Our dentists in Rock Hill SC might carry out several oral tests prior to the tooth extraction procedure. Then, you will be suggested to get your dental x-rays done, so that our dental professionals get a close and complete look of the arrangement of your teeth. Further examinations may consist of checking the roots of your teeth. Your bones and gum tissues may also be checked to ensure they are free from cavities.

After the thorough dental checkup, if any traces of tooth damage or harmful cavities are noticed which cannot be fixed, you will have your tooth extracted. Severe gum infections, periodontal problems, or wisdom teeth growing in the wrong direction may all lead to the same result. Furthermore, if your primary tooth does not naturally fall out, then it needs to undergo a tooth extraction to make room for your permanent tooth.

Before applying anesthesia or other substances to calm your gums, our dentists go through your past dental records. Dental extraction is a swift, in-clinic treatment. You go home with effective tips to look after your oral health post the treatment.

I recently had some crown work done and was very pleased with the outcome. Everyone is so nice. Sheila, the dental assistant is very knowledgeable, courteous and professional and makes you feel comfortable. I can trust that she will always give me an honest opinion of whatever dental work I need.

Linda Reisdorf

Should You Opt For Tooth Extractions?

After a complete dental checkup, our dentists will decide whether you actually need a tooth extraction. The checkup may include dental x-rays and other close up snaps of your teeth. Then, our dentists will carefully evaluate your dental reports and snapshots to come to a concrete conclusion.

If one or more dental extractions prove to be essential, then our dentists will discuss the anesthetic options to calm your gums.

What Happens During Tooth Extraction

The first step involves anesthetizing the area of extraction for a painless treatment. The defected tooth may then be detached with the right equipment. Post the extraction, you might require gum stitches. But it is rarely required and not applicable for everyone.

After your tooth extraction, our dentists will give you important guidelines to follow for the healing period. If your treatment requires sedation, then you are recommended to bring a partner with you to take you back home safely. You are likely to feel drowsy for its application.

Tooth extractions are slightly invasive and are done casually in our clinics. Contact us right now if you think you should undergo this cosmetic procedure.